A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, prefers figurative and contemporary styles in her works. She experiments with artistic techniques, color and shapes. Anna Dianova explores her own fine language and manner of performance.



This is a fine art installation-conversation of the classic and futuristic.

The leitmotif of the idea is to emphasize human existentialism, by demonstrating different theories of the origin of the universe: evolution, mythological cosmology, the big bang theory, values and human examples of Darwinism, Futurism, and philosophical judgments about the metaphysics of the soul. With the development of technology, people constantly experience fear that artificial intelligence will prevail. The product of the 21st century will be a modification of the body and mind, the development of robotics and neurobiology. Many new professions will be associated with human emotions. Understanding of human nature and algorithms will enable the artificial intelligence to follow us and manage information, understand and predict desires, manipulate
emotions and make decisions for people.

This is a digital dictatorship.


Anna Dianova

Having Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Anna works in conceptual and figurative fine art style. She belongs to the artists of metamodernism era, reinterpreting history and creating a new futurological mythology. Discovering emotionally charged topics, fixed upon personal motifs and experimentation.

In 2008-2011 Anna Dianova studied at the T. Shevchenko State Artistic school and graduated from the Faculty of Fine art. While she were studying at the school, she had an opportunity to perform as a model and a dj at numorous events, which helped her to become recognizable and gain certain popularity. Following that, in 2011, she enrolled in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, the faculty of fine art, where she had an opportunity to learn from the best masters of the craft. The education at the Academy helped her to explore and feel the painting of nudity more deeply, to learn history of fine arts of different periods and study such disciplines as plastic anatomy, psychology and philosophy. In 2011, Anna Dianova took part in the project “Candice Breitz: YOU + I” where she painted ``Portrait of the Artist`` with the support of the Pinchuk Art Center in Kiev.

In June 2015, Anna Dianova got her BA in Fine Arts at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, after successfully writing her thesis on the topic «Grace».

After that she was invited to participate in the morning show on Ukrainian television, where she was interviewed as an expert on the topic of fine arts in Ukraine.

In 2015-2016, her works took part in the exhibition under the name ``True exhibition`` after she completed the course of contemporary art in Kiev Academy of Media Arts. There the artist got an understanding of conceptual thinking and creation of contemporary art objects.

Since May 2016, Anna Dianova has organized a series of personal exhibitions, including unique transformer-exhibition »Illusion» in the gallery of Lavra in Kiev.

Moreover,it is worth single out an exhibition that took place in Monaco in 2016 supported by the German event agency Club Vivanova. This event hosted hosted numerous French gallery owners and famous representative of the Ukrainian show business.

In October 2016, Anna Dianova’s work ``Wild Thing» was selected by Gemluc Art Expo in Monaco to be represented in the catalog of the exhibition.

Since then Anna has participated in a number of socially significant events, which raised the topic of women’s rights, including an exhibition at Gemluc Art Expo in Monaco in October 2017 and an exhibition in the Ukrainian Parliament called ‘Harmony of Equals’ where she presented her triptych ‘White Ribbon’.

Furthermore, she has donated her painting ‘The White Knight’ to Andrea Bocelli Foundation. The funds from the auction at which the work is to be sold, will be directed to Andrea Bocelli School in Rome to help children who suffered from natural disasters.

Project Renaissance 2.0 for Economic Forum in AR WR 2018