A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, prefers figurative and contemporary styles in her works. She experiments with artistic techniques, color and shapes. Anna Dianova explores her own fine language and manner of performance.

Anna Dianova

Artist Anna Dianova Expands Into AR VR Virtual Reality technology and Collectors of All Ages Can’t Get Enough

On the heels of two sold-out shows in Ukraine, 27-year-old Ukranian Surrealist phenomenon Anna Dianova has set herself on a new course.
The 26-year-old is most well-known for painting her subjects as they roll through the motions of a dark fantasy—enduring torrid emotions and being depicted in a dark underworld filled with surrealist surroundings.

In her latest career pivot, Anna has ventured into Augmented and Virtual Reality technology. Her new pieces made from this technology supersedes the viewers surroundings, and takes the viewer to other worldly places. In other words, this new venture further immerses her viewer into her dark, colourful and surrealist ideology filled with vibrant fantasies. Most interestingly, there are endless possibilities in AR/VR, and they all involve replacing everything around you with something else.

In collaboration with Blockchain Art Hackathon, Anna debuted her latest AR/VR project at the International Economic Forum in Kiev, Ukraine. The project was titled Renaissance 2.0. Her piece was inspired by Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch and his painting The Seven Deadly Sins and The Last Four Things. Bosch has been considered to be one of the greatest artists of the Northern Renaissance- primarily defined by symbolism, allegory and fantasies.

Annas show at the International Economic Forum was praised by critics and prompted several questions about the future of AR/VR Technology in art and how it will impact new levels of awareness being submerged in the art. As an early artist in AR/VR technology, Anna has paved the way into this new venture in the world of modern day art.